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These stall guards come blank in the colors shown... ready to go in any direction for personalization.  Barn Name & Logo, Horses Name, etc.  These canvas panels have a pocket across the top and bottom which you can slide in a regular rubber covered chain stall guard.  Pricing for the blank panels is $46.00 and the custom embroidery would depend on the complexity of the design requested, we charge by stitch count.  For the Dakota design show above... that was 30,631 stitches and cost $75.00 - basically, you can figure $2,50 per 1000 stitches.


Canvas Stall Guards - Ready for your Custom Embroidery

  • Please see the FAQ page for details around the return / exchange policy.

  • All custom embroidery work requires a sign off on the design based on a sample we will stitch out for you.  If you are able to provide the logo or art work in a .DST file format the machine is able to read, there would be no digitizing cost.  Otherwise, .JPEG's converted to .DST will cost between $25.00 - $75.00 depending on size and complexity of the design.  We charge you only what the digitizers charge us.  This is a one-time charge and once you have your design in this format, it can be used on any project.