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The Texas Rose Horse Park

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Artists & Vendors

Please meet the wonderful artists that have contributed their creations to the store. Their work continues to be refreshed and is always changing... so when you see something you really like, you need to pick it up.  No guarantee it will be here on your next visit. 


These talented folks are always looking for great ideas, so if you have something custom they could create or customize for you... please do not hesitate to let me know and I will see if we can make it happen.



Jacque Stamatopoulos

Jacque has been immersed in the arts her entire life. With a BS in Interior Design from NDSU, she worked briefly in this profession before heading to Saudi Arabia to live and work. Back in the FM area for two years, Jacque continues to grow artistically and explore a variety of medium, including fabric and textile art, ceramics, acrylic, and watercolor painting and collage. She has a passion for mixing materials, recycling and reusing to invent unique, functional pieces. Creativity and curiosity run deep, as she continues to explore new media. 

Julie Tetrick

Julie was raised in Fargo, ND and is now a transplant to East Texas. The draw of a rural life full of farm animals and large open spaces was a dream for a better, simpler life, and leaving the city for the country was a blessing come true. Along with her husband, Rick, they founded Diamond Sky Ranch in 2015, and currently are raising and breeding Boer Goats and horses. Julie's love of photography, was a way to bring both passions together and share her country life through the lens of her camera.

Our Next Wonderful Artist

Who would like to join our wonderful mix of artists?